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You decides who sees your content and when. We don't data mine or share your information - EVER!


You decide whether to keep stories to yourself, or to share them with friends and family. Great for families, groups and organizations!


We are working on the ways to ensure that your stories last, as long as you want them to.

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Sample Stories

Creating a Story Space

Create Multimedia Memories

It’s easy to get started. With the option to add photos, videos, audio recordings, writings, and other media, your stories can be a rich reflection of how you remember them. Upload from your computer, tablet or phone.

Share and Family and Friends

Keep Memories

Everything in one, organized place. Your memories are forever, now. Your life’s moments, events, and transitions are easy to find and remember anytime you want. Quickly search your library of stories by title or date.


Share, or Don’t

Share what you want with who you want. At Infinite Humanity your stories belong to you. You can invite friends and family to contribute to stories with their own photos, recipes, or anecdotes – anything that makes your shared memory richer. As always, with any story you have the option to keep it private.

Your memories are safe with Infinite Humanity


We get it, it’s complicated. We’re on it.


We protect you and keep pesky ads away.


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